2pcs Solar Animals Repeller Red LED Nocturnal Predator Deterrent Lights Devices

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Environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no traps, harmless to humans and pets.

IP44 waterproof grade design, suitable for complex working conditions and use throughout the year.

Dual power mode of polysilicon solar panel and built-in battery, no longer worry about power outage.

Built-in 1000mAh large capacity rechargeable battery, long battery life.

Solar power supply, can be directly charged in the sun during the day, economic and environmental protection.

Built-in light sensitive switch, no manual switch, easy to use.

Double red LED drive light design, can automatically sense the ambient light intensity, automatic flashing at night, stop working during the day.

Large working area, front 120° working Angle, 20m working radius distance, let animals dare not approach.

Effective repellent device, can drive away wild boar, dogs, cats, birds, wolves, foxes, deer and other animals.

A wide range of applications, suitable for yard, garage, attic, porch, garden, farm, pond and other places.


Solar panel: 2V 20MA

Battery: NI - MH 1000MAH 1.2 V

Function: high light warning cause animal discomfort

Size: 85 * 82 * 32 mm

Colour: Black

Shell: ABS

1. Solar Animal Repeller has 2 red LED STROBE LIGHTS scare away nighttime animals more effectively, such as skunk, coyote, rabbit, owls, racoon, bird, etc.

2. Waterproof design of the solar predator deterrent lights allow to be placed on the outdoor tree, trunk, stake, post, wall or others to deter nocturnal animals even in off-season

3. Solar LED Unit automatically charges Itself and turns itself On At Night and Off in Daytime - Solar-charged battery allows for fully automatic and maintenance free operations.

4. Animal Deterrent Lights create fear in wild animals that hunt or feed at night, protects your Gardens, Orchards, Vineyards, Ponds, Livestock, Chicken Coops, Trash Bins, Property, Campsites, etc.

How to Use:

1. Press down the power button and turn on the unit.

2. Mount the unit depending on the eye height of the predator you want to deter.

Mount 1 to 8 feet above the ground on a post, fence, or exterior of a wall.

For best results, mount 4 units, facing outwards in each direction to keep predators far away.

3. The unit will turn on at dusk, off at dawn automatically.

When it's working, two red LEDs will blink at a frequency of 4Hz, just like a red flame.

Package Included:

2 x Animals Repeller


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