350PCS Heat Shrink Solder Wire Connectors Sleeve Seal Cable Crimps Terminals Kit

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  • Type:heat shrink sleeve
  • Operation temperature:-55°C~125°C
  • Solder melting range:125°C~150°C
  • Shrink Ratio:2:1
  • Electrical Rating:600V
  • Quantity:350pcs/box
  • Colour:Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Black


  • Easy operation: Simply splice the wire together and slide the sleeve over it the same way you would with heat-shrink. Shrinking ratio: 2:1.  
  • Dual-walled design: Provide strong hold, polyolefin tubing in outside and hot melt adhesive in inside. Allows visual inspection, prevents corrosion, and provided a waterproof seal.  
  • Translucent heat shrink tubes ensure a high level tensile strength, and tear resistance and mechanical damage,provides insulation seal and with advanced waterproof function.  
  • Application areas: Application in areas such as automotive, railway, watercraft, aerospace, electrical and electronics industries, etc.

Package include:  

  • 35x Red Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • 30x Blue Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • 25x White Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • 10x Yellow Solder Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • 250x Black Heat Shrink Sleeve
  • 1x Storage Case

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