41Pcs Mini Diamond Cutting Discs Wheel Saw Blades Grind For Dremel Rotary Tool

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【This rotary tool kit has 3 types of discs for your 3 needsã€?--CUTTING, GROOVING & TRIMMING. It includes: 10 x diamond cutting wheels, 10 x of resin cutting wheels, 6 x HSS wood cutting circular saw blade discs, 10 × red resin cutting wheel cut-off discs & 5 × Mandrels
【DIAMOND CUTTING WHEELã€?--Size: 22mm, 80 Grit. Perfect for Cutting gemstones, glass, geramics, porcelain, tiles, carbide, rocks, aluminium and copper
【RESIN CUTTING WHEELã€?--Size: 32mm, Great for cutting metal including hardened steel, Iron, aluminum.
【HSS WOOD-CUTTING CIRCULAR SAW BLADEã€?--Size: 22/ 25/ 32/ 35/ 44/50mm, Ideal for cutting wood, plastic, copper, laminate and aluminum.
【Great Tool for DIY and home hobbyistã€?--Suitable for most power die grinders or rotary tools & air tools. The rotary cutting wheel set is ideal for cutting grooving & trimming metal, wood, drywall, plastic, glass, stone, ceramic, hard alloy, the treasure jade stone processing and more. A great helper for DIY enthusiasts and home hobbyist.


Material: Diamond / Resin /HSS
Shank Diameter: 1/8" (3mm / 3.3mm)
Diamond Cutting Wheel Disc Dia: 22mm
Resin Cutting Wheel Dia: 32mm
HSS Saw Blades Dia: 22/ 25/ 32/ 35/ 44/ 50mm
Red Resin Cutting Wheel Dia.:22mm

Package includes:

6 x HSS Circular Saw Blades
10 x Diamond Cutting Discs
10 x Resin Cut-Off Wheels
10 x Red Resin Cutting Wheel
5 x Mandrels

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