145 Pcs Dome Hex Bolt Nut Head Caps Cover against Tampering M4-M12 Plastic

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  • These caps cover nuts and exposed bolts and provide effective protection against damage and weathering and improve the finished appearance of your product.
  • ·Intended for Hexagon shaped Bolts & Nuts
  • ·Improving the Finished Appearance of your Product
  • ·Hexagonal Heavy Duty Nylon
  • ·Protect Against Weathering & Tampering
  • ·Enhance Finished to Nuts & Bolt Heads
  • ·Easy to fit and to remove

Package Include:

  • This kit contains the following items, amounts and dimensions:
  • 145 Kit Includes :
  • 50 of M4
  • 30 of M5
  • 20 of M6
  • 10 of M8
  • 20 of M10

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