Car Rust Free Primer Water-based Metallic Paint Remover Converter

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1. Our rust-free primer can help you easily convert rust into paint, without you spending time and effort to remove rust.
2. Suitable for various metal products, such as rusty iron gate, rusty railing, rusty rebar, color steel tile rusts, rusty steel structure and machanical rust.
3. Water-based metal coatings specifically for rust are easy to use. Just wait ten minutes after application, and you can see obvious results.
4. With a large capacity of 100g and a shelf life of up to three years, you can safely store this primer and deal with rust when necessary.
Net content: 100g
Shelf life: three years
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.
Scope of application: rust removal
Product dimensions: 7.2*6.2*6.2cm
Brush size: 9.9*.5cm
Packing: 8.3*6.5*6.5cm
Packing List:
1* 100ml rust-free primer
1* brush
1* color box
How to use:
1. Remove the floating dust, oil stains and rust stains on the paint surface.
2. After cleaning, paint the metal surface. After the antirust primer is applied, the original rust is transformed into a composite film with strong adhesion.
3. Wait 10 minute, rust turns into black primer

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