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  • Stop spending a fortune for a Pest Controller! This ready-to-use roach bait helps rid your home of disgusting roaches quickly and easily. The unique syringe holds a special gel formula that easily gets into the tight cracks and crevices where roaches love to hide. The effective Roach Doctor's formula lures and kills roaches to help keep your home healthier and pest-free. Can be used indoors or outdoors. 1.06 oz. tube.
  • The Roach Doctor Cockroach Killer Gel is basically a high-potency gel designed to kill the creepy cockroaches with minimal effort and time. The overall method of using of the Roach Doctor Cockroach Killer Gel is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to just dab the gel in the dark corners of your house or workplace where cockroaches frequent and crevices. 
  • Good sanitation helps put stress on a cockroach population by making them more susceptible to treatments and baits.

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