Drain Cleaner Plus Hair Clog Removal Tool Unclog Sink Tub Pipe Kitchen Bath

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This is a new fast, fuss and mess free tool to remove hair clogs from drains and plug holes. Using a patented, hair snagging pad, the Drain Weasel works instantly by
snagging and removing hair clogs on contact. After use, simply remove the disposable hair clog wand from the re-usable handle and discard.
Additional hair clog wand refills are available separately. Now its so easy to clean the blocked sink...

Drain weasel sink cleaner/starter kit
Helps to clear all the hair and gunk that builds up in our plugholes
Just attach one of the disposable wands to the reusable handle, insert into the drain & spin
The 'micro-hooks' on his hook & loop head will snag and grab up all the gathered hair
When you're finished, just remove the wand and throw it away
So easy to clean the blocked sink
Pack comprises reusable handle and 2 disposable wands - 30 & 46cm (12" & 18") L (approx)

Material, ABS
Product specifications: 15cm (grip) * 46cm (long brush shaft) * 32cm (short brush shaft)

Package Include:

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