50x Individual Packed 3 Layer Protective Disposable Medical Face Masks

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Style: 50pc Individual Pack
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TGA Registered

- Individual Packed -> No Secondary pollution 

Easy to breathe through
Bi-directional pleats for increased facial comfort & fit.
Latex-Free | Silicone-Free | Fiberglass-Free
Special Non Woven Breathable material
Comfortable Design
High filtration & fluid resistant
Non irritating
-Single use three ply medical face mask with elastic ear loop individually pack.
-Productions are made by two outer layers of non-woven with middle layer of 99 filtration rate melt blown fabric.
-Products are made to comply Australia standards , and are classify as Level 3 barrier medical face mask.
-Materials are evaluated for resistance to penetration by synthetic blood at the maximum velocity, bacterial filtration efficiency and differential pressure.

- Test report of above index can also be provided

Package Content:

50pcs/100pcs Single Pack Disposable Medical Mask

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