Double Side Window Glass Cleaning Wiper Brush

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[Double-sided Design]The double-sided brush head, easy to brush. Double-effect cleaning saves time and effort and is more convenient.
[Sponge Compartment Rich In Foaming]The sponge compartment retains detergent, rich and long-lasting foaming, easy to remove stains.
[Soft Sponge, Detergent Lasts For A Long Time]The soft sponge compartment retains water and lasts for a long time, which helps to soften dirt and exert a detergent cleaning effect.
[Glass Mirror]Scrape out a piece of clear, clean glass, mirror, shiny wall more easily.


Materials:Nonwoven fabric, sponge, rubber
Product Size: about 19x12x 6cm

 Package include:1pc

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