Handheld Hex Shank Taper Reamer Kit 5-16mm 3-13mm Core Drill Bit Woodworker Tool

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  1. Versatile Saw Drill for Various Uses: This bridge pin hole tapered reamer comes with a saw drill that meets different cutting needs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With its included saw drill, users can achieve precise and efficient cuts, enabling them to tackle various cutting tasks effectively.
  2. Two Sizes of Chisels for Different Workscapes: Equipped with two different sizes of chisels, this t handle taper reamer set caters to multiple work scenarios, offering versatility and adaptability. The varied sizes of chisels allow for efficient and effective work in different settings, providing users with the right tools for their specific needs.
  3. T-shaped Handle for Optimal Leverage: The T-shaped handle design of this hex shank taper reamer kit provides the best leverage during operation, enhancing control and reducing fatigue. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing strain on the user's hand and arm. This allows for improved stability and maneuverability, resulting in more accurate and precise work.
  4. Detachable Handle for Compact Storage: The detachable handle feature of this 6 fluted chamfer reaming tool makes it easy to store in tight spaces, ensuring convenience and saving storage room. By simply detaching the handle, the product becomes compact and space-efficient, enhancing portability and making it suitable for various work environments.
  5. Suitable for Various Woodworking Applications: This handle drilling tool is designed for creating tapered holes, chamfered holes, and easy screwing on the top surface of wooden boards. Its precise drilling capabilities enable the creation of tapered holes that ensure a snug fit for screws or other components. With this tool, users can achieve professional-looking results in their woodworking projects.


Type: Hand Reamer

Model Number: Shank Taper Reamer

Material: High Carbon Steel

Reamer: 3-13mm and 5-16mm

Saw drill size: about 85x6mm/3.35x0.24inch

Package Included:

2 X Bridge Pin Hole Tapered Reamers

1 X Saw Drill

2 X Afterburner Bars

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