OEM Intelligent 6 Way USB A/USB Type C Charging Ports Power Board Surge Protected USB charger Power Strip

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1.Easy to Store: The cable can be rounded up into a coil, so it is convenient to store in a drawer, a backpack or somewhere small.

2.Electric-shock Safeguard: The built-in baffle effectively prevents fingers and thin and small objects from getting inside, keeping people from danger of electric shock. 

3.Large Space: The interval of sockets is 52mm, allowing you to use more than one socket simultaneously. 

4.Heat Resistance: Adopting industrial materials, the socket has stronger safety performance and is not easy to soften in face of high temperature. 

5.Space Saving: With a sticky tape, it can be fixed on the wall or the side of the desk easily, saving space. Besides, the supplied sticky tape is repeatedly washable. 

6.Wide Compatibility: It is compatible with most digital device such as iPhone, android phones, tablets, and more. 

Type: Socket Power Charger
Power: 2500W
Current: 10A
Voltage: 240V
Color: White
Cable Length: 1.8M
Configuration: 5*USB A+1*USB Type C + 6* Sockets

Plug Style: AU

Warranty:1 Year

Package Included:
1 * Socket Power Charger

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