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What is RFID?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio waves to transfer data from an electronic tag, called RFID tag or label, attached to an object, through a reader for the purpose of identifying and tracking the object. Some RFID tags can be read from several metres away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. The application of bulk reading enables an almost-parallel reading of tags. Nowadays RFID tags have been attached to many objects, including your credit card, bank card, healthcare card...etc; makes you vulner able to identity theft when they can easily steal your information (including your bank account, credit card number...etc) by just standing next to you.


  • Blocks RFID scanning of your credit cards by thieves
  • Excellent protection of data chips in the cards from electro-magnetic radiation
  • An easy open and close clasp
  • No more bent business cards or worst still bent and damaged credit cards!
  • Make a solid impression on business colleagues
  • Lightweight to fit comfortably in pocket or purse
  • Specially designed extra large pockets to fit Australian notes
  • Crafted from high quality aluminium
  • Keep all of your cards together in one place


  • Size: 173*84*22 approximately
  • Colour: Blue, black, silver, green (Color is randomly picked)
  • Material: Aluminum outer, plastic inner
  • 1 x Large Aluminium RFID Blocking Credit Card Wallet


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