Soft Sponge Neck Support Pillowcase Cervical Collar Pain Traction Neck Guard

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It works for everything including:
Stiff & Painful joints in the neck and shoulders;
Pain from an accident, job or strenuous exercise;
Prolonged computer or cell phone use;
Weakened neck or shoulder mobility;
Bad Posture causing pain;

Use soft neck collar to achieve excellent neck support effect.
Our neck pain neck collars align and stabilize your spine, helping to reduce neck and shoulder pain caused by involuntary neck movements.
Neck braces for neck pain and support with easy-to-use and fully adjustable carabiner straps.
Don't settle for other neck rests and collar neck support tools that are either too loose or too tight.
No matter your neck size, our neck support can be firmly fixed.
This makes our collar the ideal neck protector for comfortable wear all day long.
The soft neck brace collar is made from a safe, high-quality cotton material.
Collars are lightweight and breathable, helping to prevent skin irritation from being worn for long periods of time.
Our cervical spine support also features unique ventilation holes that allow sweat to evaporate quickly,leaving your neck neck cervical spine support odor-free.
Multipurpose collars help relieve neck and shoulder stress, even if only for occasional use.
So sedentary people who want to improve their posture could wear the brace every night while they sleep.
Unlike some neck collars, ours uses non-rigid foam and is perfect for continuous wear and passive support during sleep.

Packing included:
1 X Neck Brace

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