Universal Wireless Ac Digital Lcd Remote Control For Air Condition

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Works on ALL MAJOR BRANDS & almost every MODEL available!

If you have lost the original or have a faulty Air Conditioning remote control,

this is by far the most cost effective way of solving your problem.

It will replace the original remote for almost every split system & portable air conditioner available.


  • The best replacement for your lost or damaged remote control for your Air-conditioners!
  • Digital automatic code searching function,
  • \"Fast Cool\" and \"Fast Heat\" key make it easy to operate.
  • user manual with applicable brand and code list.
  • Built-in clock and timing ON/OFF function make operation more convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Large LCD display screen with clear settings
Package :
  • 1 x LCD Remote Control for Air Conditioner

Brand Code List:

for Haier 1-19,for GREE 20-39,MD 40-59,for CHANGHONG 60-79,for CHIGO 80-99,for HUABAO 100-109

for KELONG 110-119,for TCL 120-139,for Galanz 140-149,for HUALING 150-169,for CHUNLAN 170-179,for AUX 180-199

for SANZUAN 190,for CHANGFENG 190,for SHINCO 200-209,for AUCMA 210-229,for Hisense 230-239

for FEILU 240-249,for TOBO 250-269,for DONGXINBAO 260-268,for FRESTECH 270-279,for GLEE 280

for Huawei 281,for JOHNSO 282,for KT02_D001 283,for KT02_D002 284,for KTY001 285,for KTY002 286

KTY00S 287,KTY004 288,KTY005 289,for PINSHANG,for HUABAO 290,for MINGXIUKLIUYIDI 290,SOGO 291

for SOVA 282,for AIDELONG 293-285,for AITE 296-289,for AOLI 300,for AOKE 301-302

for BAIXUE 299,for Goldstar 303,for BEIJINGJINGDIAN 304,for BOERKA 305-306,for BORLER 307

for BOSHIGAO 308-309,for BOSHI 310,for CAIXING 311,for CHANGLING 312-323,for CHENGYUAN 324,for CHUANGHUA 325-328

for DAJINXING 329,330,for BIG-THUMB 331,for DAEWOO 332-333,for DONGXIA 334-335,for DUNAN 336

for CONROWA 337-341,for GEER 342-343,for GUOIAO 344.for GUANGDA 345-346.for HONGYI 347

for HUAGAO 348,for YIDONG 499,for HUAKE 349-350,for HUAMEI 351-352,for HUANGHE 353

for HUIFENG 354-358,for HUIFENG 357,for JIALE 358,for JIANGNAN 358,for JIMSTAR 380,for JINBEIJING 381-382

for JINSONG 383-355 for KONKA 388-387 for UNMDR 388-38| for KANGLI 388-370 for RAYBO 371 -383

ROWA 384-385 LIKEAIR 388 LIANGYU 386-387 LIANGYU 780 MEILING 389-390

for HICON 391-392 for QIXING 393 for RICAI 394 for RIJIANG 395-397 for NISO 398-399


for SHENGFENGFEILU 413 for Sacon 414 for SHINING 415 for SHUANGLU 416-418 for SONGXING 419

for SOVA 420 for SOYEA 421-422 for SRTC 423 for TWUNKONGTIAO 424

for TIANYUAN 425-428,for TONGLI 429-430,for WANBAO 431-433,for WEILI 434-443,for WEITELI 444

for WUFENG 445-448,for SDGMA 447,for XILENG 440-449,for SAST 450-452,for Littleswan 453,for UTTLEDUCK 454-456

for XINLE 457-460 for XINLING 461 for XINGHE 462-463 for PANDA 464-466 YAIR 467-471

for YAOMA 472 for ELECTROLUX 473-474 for INYCIN 475-483 for YUTU 484-490

for JIHDA 491-492,for ZHONGYI 493 ,for ZUODAN 494 ,for SANYO NEC 500-529,for MITSUBISHI 530-589

for LG 590-599,for SAMSUNG 600-619,for TOSHIBA 620-639,for HITACHI 640-659,for PANSONIC 660-689

for NATIONAL 660-690,for GARRIER 690-699,for FUJITSU 700-709,for CORONA 707,701,709,926-929

for SUNBUNG 770-771,for DAIKIH 710-129,for SHAPP 730-749,for SHARP 730-750,for WHIRLPOOL 750-753,for YORK 754-756

for HCOUAY 757-758 for AKIRA 760 for KLIMATAIR 761-762 for KRIS 763 for LOREWSEBO 764-765

for NIKKO 766,for SAIJODENKI 767-769,for SUNBURG 770-771,for TECO 772-773,for TOYOI 774,for TOYO2 775

for DAOTIAN 776-777,for CHANGFU/for CHANGGU 778-779,OTHER 495-499,759,782-999

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