Yoga Flexibility Stretch Band Leg Fascia Stretcher Strap Ballet Training Belt

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1. Material: cotton+polyester+oxford cloth
2. Color: Black

3. Length : 110 cm

4. Foot Pad: 24*13.5 cm

5. Each Loop 17*23 cm

1. This yoga strap is made of high strength polyester, cotton and oxford fabric, tear-resistant, flexible, durable enough to withstand extensive use.

2. Multi-loops structure allows you to stretch with different postures, stretching your body during a warm-up, dance and pilates.

3. Two Hook-and-loop fasteners secure the footpads on your feet.

4. When stretched, it can relax and warm up the muscles around the joints, which helps to increase the range of motion and thus helps to prevent injuries.

5. Meet your various exercise needs, suitable for yoga, ballet, pilates, exercise, sports team, relaxation and flexibility training.

Package Includes:
1 x Yoga Stretch Strap

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