105pc Rotary Drill Bit Die Grinder Stone Buffing Polish Grinding For Rotary Tool

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  • Perfect for a wide variety of applications such as: Sanding, cutting, polishing, grinding, drilling, cleaning and more. Great for all types of details. Work for both hard and delicate materials.
  • Mandrel size: 3.2 mm (1/8")
  • Can be used on electric rotary tools and mini drills
  • Suitable for working on metal, plastic, fiberglass, stone, glass, ceramic and porcelain
  • Sanding drums and sanding disc for rough shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass
  • Wool polishing wheels for polishing on metals, plastics, glass, ceramic and porcelain
  • Brass brushes are ideal for cleaning and removing rust and corrosion
  • HSS drill bits for driling on wood, plastic, aluminum, copper and metal
  • Grinding stone for grinding and sharpening stone, glass, ceramic and metal
  • Also includes a mandrel for sanding paper and cutting discs

Package Inlcude:

  •  1x grinding paste
  • 1x stone
  • 1x Rod of sand paper round
  • 2x Emery grinding needles
  • 2x Disc Mandrels
  • 2x Steel and Brass brush
  • 4x Stone Grinding wheels
  • 8x Wool polishing wheels
  • 9x Sanding 1/2" Drums
  • 75x Abrasive Discs (20,25,30mm)

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