225 Pcs Rubber O Ring Oring Seal Plumbing Garage Assort Set Kit

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*Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use


*Our kit includes 18 of the most used O-ring sizes .

*Nitrile rings resist heat, most petroleum and silicone fluids, hydraulic and non-aromatic fuels, and .

*The storage case keeps the o-rings arranged by size.

*Acid, gasoline, heat and oil resistant

*Our seal rings are used in piping, machinery, motors, hydraulics, plumbing and pneumatic machinery.


20pcs 3 x 1mm ,20pcs 4 x 1mm ,20pcs 4.5 x 2mm

20pcs 5 x 2mm ,20pcs 6 x 2mm ,20pcs 6 x 2.5mm

20pcs 6 x 3mm, 20pcs 7 x 2mm ,20pcs 8 x 2mm

5pcs 9 x 2mm ,5pcs 10 x 2mm ,5pcs 12 x 3mm

5pcs 13 x 3mm, 5pcs 14 x 2.5mm ,5pcs 17 x 2.5mm

5pcs 18 x 4mm ,5pcs 20 x 2mm ,5pcs 22 x 2mm

Package Contents:

225pcs Rubber O-ring Assortment Kit

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