3 In 1 Avocado Slicer Pitter Good Grips Scoop Split Slice

Sale price$7.98



  • Splits: Serrated, plastic blade easily slices avocados in half; 
  • The blade is sharp enough to easily cut through avocado skin and fruit, but safe to the touch
  • Pits: Pitter removes avocado pit with a safe and easy twisting motion; 
  • three small blades, nested safely inside the pitter, grip onto avocado pits of any size
  • Slices: Fan blade removes fruit from skin in perfectly even slices, perfect for sandwiches or topping off salads Comfort: Soft, non-slip grip and contoured body make splitting, pitting and slicing easy
  • Cleaning: Top-track dishwasher safe
  • Applicable to other types of fruit, like mango, papaya...
  • 30 day Money back guarantee (Conditions apply)


  • Color: Green + Black
  • Size:19.5cm x 6cm

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