45cm*200cm Blackboard Removable Vinyl Wall Self Adhesive Chalkboard Decal Paper Sticker

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These peel and stick chalkboard decals (45×200cm)are incredibly easy to use and instantly transform your walls, doors or windows into a completely usable chalkboard. All you have to do is unroll the sticker, remove the paper backing and then stick it to a clean flat surface.
They're perfect for the classroom, office meeting rooms, children's playrooms and more. The possibilities truly are endless with FancyFix's Peel and Stick Chalkboard Stickers!
Get your vinyl chalkboard sticker roll today and receive 5 FREE sticks of regular chalk!
EXPRESS YOURSELF: Use this convenient peel and stick chalkboard sticker to express your creativity.EASY TO USE: Simply peel the vinyl chalkboard off of its paper backing and then stick to a smooth flat surface.
DURABLE: Made out of a strong vinyl material for long lasting quality.
LARGE SIZE: Plenty of room for writing menus, sweet messages, to-do lists and more!
FREE CHALK: Free chalks with your purchase so you can start your writing or drawing as soon as you receive your chalkboard sticker.
1 x vinyl chalkboard sticker
5 x chalks

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