Scented Hanging Wardrobe Sachets Freshener Fragrance Freshener Air Drawer Room

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Simple and stylish design.
Environmentally friendly recyclable paper bags, breathable, full fragrance efficacy.
Keeps your cloths and linens smelling fresh, eliminates unpleasant odors.
Six scent options, lavender, rose, jasmine, ocean, lily, lemon.
Can be used for drawers, closets, cupboards, laundry baskets, wardrobes, luggage bathroom, car, long or short term storage, trash cans, also repels moths and other insects.
Different patterns of different fragrance, giving the visual and olfactory enjoyment.


Materials: Paper, Plants extract
Dimensions: 18x11.5cm(7.09x4.53in)(approx)
Quantity: 1 bag

Package includes:

1 bag x Fragrance Bag (Lavender, Rose, Ocean, Lily)

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