All-Round Sleep Pillows

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1. Soft and comfortable auxiliary pillow
With the all-around sleeping pillow, you will be more likely to put it on a cloud of soft and comfortable material that will support your head, neck and shoulders throughout the night.
2. Support egg trough design
This creates a central groove that supports and supports your head and neck at the ideal sleeping height. At the same time, the higher curve around this groove will help your head and neck stay in the ideal position so that they won't twist and become stiff or sore.
3. Breathable, have a cool sleep
This sleeping pillow is well ventilated and will not make you hot and sweaty when you fall asleep. If you usually do this, you may not rush to take a shower and wash off the excess sweat.
4. Suitable for any sleeping position
Pillows dont have to be on one side, because they can also accommodate side sleepers and stomach sleepers. After lying down and choosing a sleeping position, the pillow will gradually conform to the shape of your head and upper body.
5. Lie down and rest
The omnidirectional sleep pillow will evenly distribute the weight of your body parts throughout your pillow to support and support your head and neck. For almost all sleepers, this will improve your sleep comfort and help you fall asleep well.
1. Put it on the pillowcase;
2. Put the pillow on the bed;
3. Lie down and place your head in the circular groove in the center.
Technical index:
Polyester + foam particles
Package Contents:
1×All-round sleep pillow

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