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  • 55 Degree Celsius( =131 Degree Fahrenheit) Cup Constant Stabilize Temperature Vacuum Cup e design, lovely color , matte texture, and fine grinding. It is the love of every fashion person.
  • High Quality Material : food grade material. High temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging. ensure your drinking safety. The liner uses food grade 304 stainless ce matte texture, not easy to fall off.
  • One cup, Two usages: You just pour some boiling water into the cup and shake it about 1 minute, it will cooling the hot water into 55â„? which is the best drinking temperature for human body. Moreover, when you pour some cold water into the cup, and shake it also about 1 minute, you will soon get 55â„?hot water again.
  • By shaking the cup, you will have 55 Degree Celsius(=131 Degree Fahrenheit) water in minutes. you don't have to wait when drinking water in the morning or feeding your baby,or taking medicine, or after exercising. anyway, you don't have to wait anymore!
  • Best gift for your loved ones:Health and environmental-friendly, practical and lovely, not only is a daily necessities, but also your first choice for your loved ones. To express your love, all in one cup.

  • Pour 100 degrees of boiling water and in just one minute, you can drink 55 degrees warm water. This cup can also keep warm for 3-4 hours. If you want to go out for a trip, hot milk, drink water in the morning and take medicine, this cup is your best choice.

    Capacity: 9.8 oz(280ml)
    Weight: 600g
    Size: 3*8.7in(76.2*221mm)
    Insulation time:Keeps Hot up to 5 Hours
    Plastic Grade: Food Grade (pp)
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel (Food Grade)
    Thermal Conductive Material: Patented environmental- friendly physical cooling material

    Please clean the cup before use it.

    Step1: The first cup of (hot water), pour boiling water to 100 degrees Celsius, tightening the lid, shake up and down for about 1 minute unscrew the lid, the cup of boiling water will be cool enough to drink
    Step 2: Second cup (cold water), it can be cold water poured in then tightening the lid, also shake about 1 minute up and down again unscrewed the lid and the cup of cold water will quickly become 55-degree Celsius warm water.
    Step 3: Third cup (hot water), if after the first cup of water to drink, also want to inject into the cup, 100 degrees Celsius boiled water, wait about 1 hour, or cooling effect will not be so obvious.

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