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The faucet splashproof filter can be installed on your faucet to filter and regulate the water flow which could make the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom healthier and flexible.

  • SPLASHPROOF â€?The water outlets are densely distributed which disperses the power of the water flow and guarantees the water wont splash.
  • FILTRATION â€?Natural mineral materials are included. The medical stone can absorb impurities and purify the quality of water.
  • TELESCOPIC AND ROTATABLE â€?Telescopic and 360-degree rotatable design make the faucet more useful and flexible.
  • EASY INSTALLATION â€?The splashproof filter accepts nearly all kinds of the faucet and its really easy to install on your faucet.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL â€?The splashproof filter is made from safety and durable material. Both hot water and cold water are acceptable. 
  • Package Includes: Faucet Splashproof Filter ×1

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