Car Ultra Nano Repairing Polishing Wax 120G with Sponge and Towel

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Wash car with Nano Repairing Wax and allow to dry. Apply wax evenly over car surface with a soft microfibre cloth. Polish in small sections, e.g. half of the bonnet. Buff with a second cloth.


  • Wash vehicle with a suitable car wash and chamois dry


  • Apply wax to a section at a time, using the sponge or a soft, open weave cotton cloth or similar, folded into a pad.
  • Do not apply on hot surfaces, or in direct sunlight.
  • Allow to dry (10-30 minutes) and polish off with a soft, clean cloth, using a light circular motion
  • Keep tin airtight.

Package Include:

  • 120G Nano Car Wax
  • 1x Sponge Polish Pads
  • 1z Microfibre Cleaning Cloth Towel


  • Avoid polishing in hot direct sunlight.
  • Do not apply to vinyl, glass or rubber trim.
  • Do not allow wax to dry on car surface. Keep tin closed properly.

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