360 Degree Water Sprinkler Nozzle

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-Stable and durable:
Compared with the butterfly lawn sprinkler, the ground water garden sprinkler has an extended rod, which enables it to be inserted deeper into the ground, and is more stable in the severe weather of rain, wind and snow. Made of high-quality ABS, it can ensure firm, continuous use, stable performance, long service life, non-toxic and tasteless; internal thread allows tight and safe sealing.
-Easy to set up and use:
Just connect the water connection to the connector and click. Automatic constant 360 degree rotary spraying, no need for other auxiliary power equipment. Automatic Garden / lawn irrigation can be realised only by the pressure of domestic water supply. Sprinklers can be used on several bases to irrigate more areas.
-Saves time:
Automatic irrigation system - automatic rotation arm angle can be adjusted 45-90 degrees to control spray speed and direction, better care for every soil moisture, provide uniform, effective and fast coverage, save your time and energy of water.

Material: ABS
Size: 23.5cm/9.25" (H) X 17cm/6.69" (D)
Water pressure: 1-4 kg (optimum working water pressure)
Advantages: the pin is fixed and the occupied space is small; can two interfaces be connected in series.

Package Includes:

1x Sprinkler Hear (As shown in the images)

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