Glass Bottle Cutter Beer Wine Jar DIY Cutting Machine Craft Recycle Tools Kit

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  • -Simple operation of glass bottle cutting machine, to help you recycle glass bottles and glass cans, make them become functional art
  • -Made of acrylic and stainless steel, lightweight and durable. It is more convenient and safe to use without other tools
  • -Stainless steel support rod, accurate thread, stable operation, not easy to rust
  • -The cutting piece is made of high hardness alloy material, with complete cutting performance
  • -Acrylic sheet and cutting piece are adjustable, suitable for most glass bottles and cans on the market, such as beer bottles, wine bottles, etc


  • -1. Adjust the bottle cutter and put the bottle on the bottle cutter
  • -2. When the bottle is rotated once under constant medium pressure, a cutting line will appear on the bottle
  • -3. Heat the cutting line alternately with boiling water and cold water three or more times until the bottle breaks along the cutting line
  • -4. Grind the cutting line with sandpaper


  • -Material: stainless steel + acrylic
  • -Size: 19.5 * 15 * 7.2cm 

The packaging materials include:

  • -1 x bottle cutter

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