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Practical and convenient:Perfect for children or adults to drawing, Doodle, Note taking,Graffiti,Painting.

Eye protection and nonradiative:LCD screen are made of plastic materials,with appropriate brightness,No radiation and glare,it's safe and comfortable for children to use frequently.As if you are not using LCD tablet but a paper.

Durable and portable:With a small durable button battery,No need to charge or connection,Ultra-light weight make it extremely portable,You can use it on any occasion.

Environmental protection and paper saving:No ink no chalk bothering,Much superior to writing on blackboard or papers.Reuse it endlessly without wasting papers.

How to use:

1. Remove the pen up and write in the writing area with a pen or fingertip.

2. One-click-erase: in the writing status, press the one-click-erase button to clear all the contents at once.

3. Lock Switch: Lock the writing content to prevent from the accidential delection. press again to unlock the writing content.

4. Replace Battery: unscrew the screw, and pull out the battery compartment, and replace with the same type of battery.

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