Outdoor Survival Compass Life-saving Umbrella Rope Braided Paracord Bracelet

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This is not an ordinary umbrella rope bracelet, it has more outdoor survival functions.

Material: Plastic + umbrella rope

Colour choice: Black,Army green

Size: About long 275MM*Width 33MM

Weight:About 31g

Features :Multi-functional, versatile, easy to use, sturdy and durable

(Note: the size of the manual measurement, there will be a small error.please understand ~)

Convenient and fashionable, small things can be of great use in critical moments, is an outdoor player supplies.

The survival bracelet can be quickly dismantled when you need the rope urgently and transformed into a lifeline that can fully support your weight. It can be used in emergencies to stop bleeding, to make fire, to make traps, to tie up temporary tents, to cut ropes, to prevent the loss of equipment and much more! The bracelet clasp can be used as an emergency survival whistle.

A bracelet accessory suitable for everyday wear, highlighting your status as an outdoor player and can be detached and used as a piece of rope if necessary. The parachute cord used by Bell in [Wilderness Survival] can be used in emergencies to stop bleeding, make traps, tie up makeshift tents, wear sets of equipment to prevent loss and more, and can be used for emergency distress! The parachute rope is 4mm in diameter and has a single rope pull of around 240kg. Used for towing and first aid. The materials used are all special for parachute ropes, the same as the ropes used for sea vessels, with the advantages of corrosion resistance and anti-ageing.

The materials used in survival bracelets are parachute rope, the same rope used in sea vessels, which is resistant to corrosion and ageing. Sometimes a rope can be your life!

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