Pipe Bits HVAC Repairing Tools Copper Swage Tool 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 Bits

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Material: Alloy Steel
Size: As show
Color: Black
1.This HVAC Repair Tool has 5 different sizes of drill bits, including 1/4" (6MM),3/8" (10MM), 1/2" (12MM), 5/8" (16MM),3/4 " (19MM).

2.When the air conditioner is installed, expand the copper pipe to link the two copper pipes to each other.

3.The Air Conditioner Copper Pipe Expander Swaging Tool works with an electric drill, making it easy to expand copper pipes.

4.5 sizes of drill bit, suitable for most of the copper pipe, help air conditioning repair, refrigerator repair, copper pipe repair and other scenarios.

5.NOTE: Due to the heat generated by the copper pipe and copper pipe expander in the rotary expansion, please do not touch directly with your hands, wait for the copper pipe to cool down, and then operate to avoid injury to your hands.

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