Pool Escape Net Animal Saving Escape Ramp Oxford Fabric Pools Critter Saver

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1.Designed with a ramp, creatures can find an escape route instead of letting their bodies float on the water without any connection or harm, free your own hands from now on!

2.Made of high quality Oxford cloth and PVC material, the durable frame and mesh design of this pool escape net makes it easy to cross the surface of the water and consciously remove debris from the pool's running water.

3.The hands-free floating pool net not only saves critters, but also assists in scooping up leaves, blanket weeds, debris and other things that float on the pool to ensure a clean pool.

4.Simply fill the ground head bag with sand or rocks, place the perforated bag on the shore and place it at the poolside for use, easy to install and assemble.


Material: PVC

Color : blue

- Size: As picture shown

Package Inlcuded:

- 1 x escape net

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