Solar Car Cooling Fans

Sale price$19.98



  • Uses solar energy to power the fans
  • Eliminates harmful gases inside the car within 10 minutes
  • Reduces the overall temperature inside the car
  • Protects electrical and electronic devices to avoid affecting its performance and service life due to overheating
  • Blows hot and stale air out of the parking car and draws the fresh air in 
  • Maintains a comfortable temperature level for your return 
  • Keeps the interior of your car cool and fresh
  • Helps reduce use of air conditioning
  • Helps minimize pet and tobacco odours 
  • Protects wear and tear from humidity, especially for leather seats 
  • Installs in seconds over car windows that have a frame above it
  • Use it on vehicles without dark tinted windows
  • Designed for use in parked cars 

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