Universal Extension Wrench Set Offset Ratchet Spanner Extender Adapters Socket

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1. Durable Material: The extension wrench is made of excellent high carbon steel forging, with high strength and wear resistance.
2. Scalable Design: Can be extended and contracted in a limited space, so that the ratchet wrench has room for movement.
3. Small Swing Range: The ratchet wrench extender has a small swing range, which saves time and effort in operation.
4. With 3Pcs Adapters: Equipped with 3pcs adapters of different specifications, with standard size and high accuracy conversion.
5. Simple Operation: Wrench linkage design, combination expansion, simple operation and strong practicability.

Item Type: Extension Wrench Set
Material: High carbon steel
Wrench Length: Approx. 39cm / 15.4in
Center Hole Distance: Approx. 35.5cm / 14in
Width: Approx. 3.7cm / 1.5in
Thickness: Approx. 1.8cm / 0.7in
Adapter Length: Approx. 3.3mm / 0.1in
Adapter Shank Diameter: 3/8in to 3/8in, 3/8in to 1/2in, 3/8in to 1/4in
Socket Length: Approx. 2.5cm / 1in
Socket Outer Diameter: Approx. 1.2cm / 0.5in

Package List:
1pcs x Offset Extension Wrench

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