USB Battery Charger 1 Slot Charging Adapter with battery 18650/14500M Rechargeable Lithium Battery

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Style: 14500 Rechargeable Lithium Battery + Charger
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1. Intelligent IC control, built-in reference voltage to ensure full battery charge (battery full charge rate ≥99%), while ensuring safe use.
2. Automatically recognize the battery polarity, and it can be charged both positive and negative to ensure safe use.
3. Short-circuit protection function, short-circuit IC automatically cuts off the output, ensuring safe use.
4. Stable voltage output when no-load, the voltage is more accurate and stable, accurate charging and protecting the battery, ensuring safe use.
5. When there is no battery in the charger, it lights up green, when it is loaded, the red light flashes, and it lights up green when it is full to ensure that the battery is fully charged and not overcharged and safe to use.
6. The simple, stylish and generous appearance gives you a brand new experience.


Input: AC 110~240V 50/60Hz
Input connector: USB
No-load voltage: DC 4.15V-4.25V
Load current: 350mA, ±30mA
Intelligent compatibility: 18650, 14500, 22650, 16340 and other batteries
Colour: Black
USB cable length: 30cm

Package Include:

1x Battery charger

1x 14500/18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

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