Wine/Champagne Vacuum Bottle Prosecco With Sealer Lock

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Title: 1X Wine Stopper
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1. Keep Wine/Champagne Fresh Up to 7 Days: Isolate air from bottle, prevent wine from oxidizing,
champagne bottle stopper provide an air-tight seal to preserve your opened champagne and
other sparkling wine.
2. Easy to Use: Just insert the stopper into the bottle, rotate the upper part clockwise until a
click sound to seal the bottle air tight, easily lock the champagne flavors and aromas in the bottle.
3. Material: Made of food-grade silicone and ABS that won't change the flavor of champagne or beverage.
4. Fit All Standard Sparkling Wine Bottles: Innovative rotating design, modern sealing techniques,
bottle stoppers are perfect for sealing sparkling wine, beer, coffee, vinegar bottles.
5. Labor-saving: The champagne stopper adds 3 small grooves that fit the fingertips on the upper
part, which makes it easier to focusing when rotating and easier to use.

Name: champagne stopper
Material: ABS+food grade silicone
Color: black
Size(approx): 39*32mm/1.54*1.26inch(dia*height)

1 pc * champagne stopper/ 1pc* wine stopper

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