Woodworking Grinding Wheel Wood Angle Abrasive Disc Sanding Carving Rotary Tool

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1. High-quality materials: made of carbon steel, the structure is strong and durable, not easy to break or deform, composed of hundreds of pointed parts, mainly suitable for wood trimming, root carving, tea tray, peeling, chamfering, trimming and deburring , Polishing, manual DIY, etc.
2. Size: the outer diameter is about 100 mm, the inner hole diameter is about 16 mm
3. Convenient to use: You can easily install the grinding disc on a standard electric angle grinder, without tedious operation process, and can be quickly disassembled, which brings a lot of convenience to your work
4. The serrated edge is more suitable for grinding and polishing, which maximizes the grinding performance, and it can save a lot of raw-materials. Especially suitable for convex and concave areas.

Product specifications:
Material: carbon steel
Outer diameter: 100 mm
Inner hole diameter: 16 mm

Package included :
1 * grinding disc Tool

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